Zixin Group Holdings Limited (“Zixin” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, “Zixin Group”) is a leading sweet potato biotech-focused integrated industrial value chain operator in China. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zixin Group harnesses its biotechnology capabilities to strengthen and support its core business areas: (a) cultivation and supply – (i) research and development on sweet potato varieties to cultivate own sweet potato seedlings, (ii) sweet potato cultivation techniques and solutions to improve the quality and yield for farmlands, (iii) sweet potato seedlings cultivation base, and (iv) fresh sweet potatoes supply, (b) product innovation and food production – innovation of snack food and functional food, as well as production techniques to maximise nutrient retention and produce healthier proprietary branded products, (c) brand building, marketing and distribution – building of proprietary brands of healthier snacks through targeted marketing campaigns and various distribution platforms and channels (traditional and e-commerce) throughout China, and (d) recovery and recycling – recovering nutritional content from sweet potato peels, and converting waste materials such as sweet potato peels, stems and leaves into main ingredients for poultry and animal feed. Zixin Group will continue to reinforce its circular economy business model in these four main areas to further enhance their effectiveness.

Zixin Group aims to be a leading sweet potato focused agritech operator globally, leveraging on smart ecological agriculture, utilising biotech throughout its value chain to produce quality sweet potato seedlings, healthier snack food and functional food, as well as deploying modern marketing and distribution methods such as online and retail e-commerce sales channels to complement its traditional wholesalers and distributors, to promote its proprietary brands for better market reach.

Zixin Group Holdings Limited is listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange under the stock code 42W.

Zixin Group’s Biotech-Focused Sweet Potato Integrated Circular Economy Business Model