Cultivation and Supply

Zixin Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Liancheng Dizhongbao Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd (“Dizhongbao”), supported through Zixin Biotech, focuses on (i) sweet potato seedlings cultivation, (ii) farming solutions and techniques through the provision of cultivation technical support and supply of dedicated agricultural materials, and (iii) sales of fresh orange and purple sweet potatoes from our contracted farmlands where we provided the seedlings, farming solutions and technical support.

Currently, Dizhongbao has a dedicated area of 300mu (approximately 200,001m2) for seedlings cultivation, to satisfy the Group’s contracted farmland of 8,268.6mu (approximately 5,512,427.6m2) through the Liánchéng County Cooperative, to grow and produce our patented varieties of orange and purple sweet potatoes.

Our fundamental objective in cultivating sweet potato seedlings and developing in-house cultivation solutions is aimed at ensuring food safety and a consistent supply of high-quality sweet potatoes with improved harvest yields to support our Group’s sales of fresh sweet potatoes as well as the higher-margin snack food manufacturing operations for our range of proprietary products.

Zixin Group’s suite of cultivation solutions including soil improvement, fertilizers, and patented varieties of sweet potato seedlings are also marketed and sold to assist other individual farmers to increase their crop yields and produce high-quality fresh orange and purple sweet potatoes.

Our participation in the rural revitalisation projects in Língāo County, Hainan Province, and Lánkǎo County, Kāifēng City, Hénán Province will allow us to share our proven expertise and competencies in sweet potato biotech-focused solutions and techniques to benefit the local communities in the designated cultivation farmlands across China.