Recovery and Recycling

Zixin Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian Zixin Fungal Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (“Zixin Fungal Biotech”) is restructured to focus on the R&D of potential uses of waste materials such as sweet potato peels, stems, and leaves that contain nutrients to become nutritional food sources for farm animals and poultry.

As an integrated sweet potato industrial value chain operator, the cost and effort needed to dispose these waste materials increase in tandem with the increase in cultivation base and manufacturing volume of products. Hence, our recovery and recycling efforts were as critical as our expansion at the upstream cultivation base and manufacturing.

Having demonstrated our success in producing nutritional and cost-efficient base ingredients for animal feed from waste materials including spoiled sweet potatoes, and sweet potato peels, stems and leaves with our proven probiotics fermentation solutions and techniques, Zixin Group achieves the biotech competence in waste reduction, and the ability to extend nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes to poultry and farm animals.

The increasing awareness of “you are what you eat” that is driving demand for healthier food choices, would potentially be a motivating factor to use sweet potato base ingredients as the alternative option for feed manufacturers as they could potentially lower their cost of poultry and animal feed for farm owners. The sweet potato base ingredients that contain probiotics will improve the gut health of poultry and livestock, which potentially improves the survival rate and healthiness of the poultry and livestock. This in turn, improves the livelihood of farm owners.

We believe our recovery and recycling segment will not only resolve the pressing concern on waste disposal and pollution from spoiled sweet potatoes, sweet potato peels, stems and leaves, but also promotes sustainable growth for animal feed manufacturers and farm owners, and eventually address food safety and food security for communities.