Zixin Group Holdings Limited (“Zixin” or the “Company” and together with our subsidiaries, the “Zixin Group”) remains committed in driving growth across our circular economy on sweet potatoes, and enhancing economies of scale as we expand our cultivation base beyond Liancheng County, Fujian Province.

Our core proprietary biotech competencies developed through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian Zixin Biotechnological Potato Co., Ltd. (“Zixin Biotech”), focuses on the research and development (“R&D”) of extraction and production techniques to maximise the uses and applications of sweet potatoes and functional food products including medicinal food for the benefits of human health. These R&D fundamentals drive the growth across Zixin Group’s value chain including: (i) cultivation and supply – sweet potato seedlings cultivation base and fresh sweet potatoes supply, (ii) product innovation and production – sweet potato product innovation and production techniques to minimise food processing and maximise natural nutrients preservation for high quality product range, and (iii) brand building, marketing and distribution – the building of brand awareness and market positioning of our quality products with targeted marketing campaigns and various distribution platforms and channels (traditional and e-commerce) throughout China.

The increasing awareness of food safety and food security motivated Zixin Group to extend into (iv) recovery and recycling – recovering nutritional content from sweet potato peels, and converting waste materials such as sweet potato peels, stems and leaves into base feed for poultry and farm animals. With this extension, our circular economy business model creates a natural ecosystem that brings quality and nutritional values to both human and farm animals through their food sources, and at the same time, enhances the livelihoods of traditional farmers and minimises environmental pollution with the recovery and recycling of waste materials.

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